ICT Group is a springboard for new products to reach the global market.

Impact Crowd Technology - what’s in a name:



Creating value

We are in the business of creating a positive impact on businesses, markets and people within our company group structure. This means assisting carefully selected companies in growing their businesses and launching their products as well as supporting people working in the Crowd1 network.


We are here for the crowd

The ICT Group’s expertise and ability to engage, excite and connect people with products and services is what makes us successful. On the one hand, our carefully selected product providers depend on us to launch and grow their business. On the other hand, we have a duty to the millions of people in Crowd1 to give them the very best tools, support and opportunities to run their businesses. The better we perform, the greater the chance for the Crowd1 entrepreneurs across the globe to create successful businesses.

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Making the digital revolution
accessible for everyone

Technology is at the core of everything we do. As Crowd1 is the five minute business that only requires a phone connected to the internet, easy to use, optimised and adaptable technology is of paramount importance when supporting the Crowd and the product providers.