About Us

Headquartered in Madrid, ICT Group is a privately held global company. The company's vision is to provide sustainable business opportunities for everyone.

ICT Group accomplishes this by introducing products by third-party vendors to the world's largest marketing force. ICT Group have entered into partnerships with various third party vendors. The affiliates earn an income by recommending products, primarily digital, to their markets and also by building their own businesses. There are several ways of earning commission for the affiliates and the product developers get access to markets they might not otherwise prioritize.

ICT Group source products as well as support with training and education in entrepreneurship and professional and personal growth for the individual affiliates. Many of the affiliates build successful businesses of their own and some even share what they earn with their communities in different local initiatives. That is truly inspiring and we are also always looking for ways to give back to the communities.

ICT Group is a truly international company. We are a creative and passionate group of people with 15 nationalities represented amongst our staff.

What we believe

Anyone, anywhere in the world, should have the opportunity to earn an income by recommending digital products and building their own business.

What we do

We are the bridge between the affiliates and third-party suppliers of products and services.

Our goals

Our aim is to empower the global community by giving them access to great products and education.