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As the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world and international travel became almost impossible, Crowd1 found themselves in a difficult situation.

How could they translate their successful in-person events with thousands of attendees from around the globe, to a format that would work in a world under lockdown?


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We planned, filmed, edited, and produced a completely new style of event for Crowd1 to be live streamed on their platform and social media to a global audience. The first of these events was held in April 2020, targeted at Crowd1 Affiliates to reassure them that although the world was in a strange and uncertain place, Crowd1 and the Affiliates’ own businesses were here to stay.

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The first online event was held in April 2020 and 75,000 tickets were sold in just one week, compared to 8,500 tickets sold to previous in-person events. People from all over the world tuned in to enjoy the motivational speeches, company updates, and dazzling entertainment. The events were so successful that even as the world opened up once more, Crowd1 continued using this online format for their quarterly events.