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GameOut partnered with ICT to promote and grow their social gaming site, Miggster. Miggster offers players the chance to win prizes by competing against other players in their library of over 100 games.

How could GameOut find an audience of engaged players to make their product a global success?

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ICT introduced Miggster to Crowd1, promoting the gaming site through their channels to millions of engaged players worldwide, even going so far as to include Miggster in the starter packages for Crowd1 Affiliates.

Miggster was also widely promoted through Crowd1’s social channels, films, events, and magazine.

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Miggster now has more than two million subscribers who are waiting with bated breath for the launch of Miggster PLUS in 2022.

GameOut is thriving off the back of these new subscribers, with plans for AAA game launches and their own blockchain based game, Starlined.