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NIBIRU studios believed that PLANET IX could be the next revolution in blockchain gaming, bringing together NFTs, play-to-earn mechanics, and tokenomics to become the largest blockchain game in the world.

But every game needs a player base. How could NIBIRU bring in players during their Beta phase to test the game and build hype around the full launch?

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ICT introduced NIBIRU to Crowd1 and their closed market comprising millions of entrepreneurs around the world. Videos explaining and hyping the game were developed in tandem with NIBIRU.

These were translated into a dozen languages to ensure engagement from around the world. PLANET IX’s social media and branding was refined by our in-house experts and distributed through the Crowd.

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By the end of their beta period, PLANET IX had more than 550,000 players, with more than 200,000 web3 wallets connected to the game. PLANET IX has now left the staging area of the Crowd and is available to the general public.

The game now regularly features as one of the top five most traded NFT contracts on the entire Polygon network.