What we do

What we do

The ICT Group is a professional services company, headquartered in Sweden with an international presence through offices across the globe. We provide our customers with a unique range of services primarily targeted at a global community of affiliate and influencer marketers, as well as providing an effective and reliable growth engine for start-ups and scale-ups with global ambitions.

Today, our customer base consists of three different categories. We service the world’s largest affiliate and influencer marketing community, Crowd1, to ensure that the platform and larger community stays a secure and engaging place for entrepreneurs to experience and benefit from new products and services. We also cater to the needs of third party product providers that need help accessing the crowd economy. The third leg of our operations is to support carefully selected start-up and scale-up companies under the Verdelo umbrella as they begin their global journey.

Our Universe

We think of it as being our universe with three distinct parts, Verdelo the Investment company sourcing and incubating interesting startups, ICT Group the Professional service company that is the bridge between Verdelo and Crowd1 the world’s largest affiliate and influencer marketing community.

business model

The Crowd Economy

Together Verdelo, ICT Group, and Crowd1 create an ecosystem that can rapidly scale up new companies and grow the user base of both new and established products and services at an unprecedented speed. In our model, traditional intermediaries are cut out and value is created for both those who use, recommend, and sell the products, as well as for the product providers.

Our Expertise

Our service portfolio has grown at a very high pace since the group was founded in 2019. What started as an effective IT, creative production and marketing organisation has rapidly evolved into a much broader offering, including HR, legal, compliance, and strategic business development competences. Today we offer our customers a large array of professional services, covering all the areas needed to grow a business, a product or a service on a global scale.


Identity & positioning

Brand & Innovation Strategy

Brand messaging

Guidelines & systems

Visual Language & Art Direction

Event & Activation


IA + Wires

User research & testing

Digital products & services

Prototyping & optimization


Technical Discovery

Technical Architecture

Full-stack development

API & CMS Implementation

Quality Assurance


Legal & compliance

Project management

HR / employee engagement


Content strategy


Video Production

3D / motion graphics



Global customer support & management

Customer experience


Strategy development


Data & Insights